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2018 toyota prius

2017-2018 Toyota Prius

What will please the new 2018 Toyota Prius: design or stuffing? The last of hybrid designs once again went to the drawing board. Guide again did not approve the new 2018 Toyota Prius, and so this time it took over Mitsuhisa Kato – CEO. The strategic plan of the company have an idea to promote their vehicles through more sporty, moving away from the Japanese adopted a “soft” topics in [...]

2018 bmw 750li

2017-2018 BMW 7-Series

Just a few days ago, the image of the latest generation 2018 BMW 7-Series without camouflage were posted on the Internet, showing a thoroughly revised and updated look of the car. And now there are shocking details about the new BMW 7-Series. BMW Blog reports that the 2018 BMW 7-Series will be offered with a leather cover for the engine. Subtleties of this unique cover remains unknown, but it can [...]

2017 toyota highlander limited

2017-2018 Toyota Highlander

Choosing a car is always accompanied by not only the evaluation of its design and comfort. Technical data play a key role, because it allows the orientation to them as closely as possible to relate their own aspirations with the expected effect. The acquisition of this popular SUV as a new Toyota Highlander is no exception. Criteria by buying this car of the year 2017-2017 the most important will be [...]

2017 volvo s60 t5 premier review

2017-2018 Volvo S60

Fashion on the coupe-crossover BMW X6 and 2017 Toyota Venza spread from first to Mercedes GLE Coupe, and now the Swedish company Volvo, which introduced the S60 Cross Country. The principal difference between Volvo S60 Cross Country from German rivals is that if BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe built on the basis of the usual SUV BMW X5 and Mercedes ML, then Swedish kupe crossover based on the sedan [...]

2017 toyota venza redesign and features

2017-2018 Toyota Venza

Toyota driven from the ocean rare meal, it’s no wagon or SUV, or minivan. To our Russian table, straight from the ocean came an unprecedented vehicle. Meet – 2017 Toyota Venza! Drum roll, caps into the air, car and all expectations. But really something a little different: no longer touring, minivan and yet with almost crossover. Very correct body concept: for Russia, where wagons and minivans are not held in [...]

2017 vw -jetta tdi sportwagen 4 motion

2017-2018 VW Jetta

Updated sedan 2017 VW Jetta was presented at the motor show in 2017, which was held in New York. It should be said that the model represents one of the most successful cars on the planet, which is identical to motorists buy hot Upchuck (pies with liver).From the output of sedan on the market in 1979 has been sold more than 14.5 million vehicles. The popularity of the model is [...]

2017 vw amarok south africa

2017-2018 VW Amarok

We buy it because it is cheaper and better than Touareg. Especially in the version Canyon Did you know that of the large family of Volkswagen 2017 VW Amarok is for us the most “distant cousin”? Its birthplace is South America. There he collected there in the ground and sell. Overseas continent – a natural habitat for such as Amarok. Workhorses for all occasions. In Europe emigrated only a few [...]

2017 nsx top speed

2017-2018 Honda NSX

Recently, Honda suspiciously silent and did not disclose any new details about 2017 Honda NSX (Prime Minister is about to?), But from the ubiquitous spies can not hide anything – the Japanese occupied super hybrid tests at the Nurburgring (pictures published on However, the details of these at us and so with a vengeance. Yeah, well camouflaged prototype, indicating that the commodity looks under the labels, but even in [...]

2017 dodge durango diesel

2017-2018 Dodge Durango

Huge American SUV 2017 Dodge Durango with updated exterior and interior modified became one of the brightest Prime New York International Auto Show in 2017. In our review, we’ll tell you in detail how the restyled exterior and interior affected third-generation full-size SUV Dodge Durango, produced since 2017. Tell visitors about the overall dimensions of the body, the Dodge Durango specifications 2017-2017, establishes the tires and disk options for paint [...]

2017 fiat 500 price

2017 – 2018 Fiat 500X

New 2017 Fiat 500X was presented at the Paris Motor Show-2017. This is a serious bid to win! The new crossover is built on a platform Jeep Renegade, available in the version-wheel drive vehicle for fans of extreme road and energetic, aggressive urban cars. All-wheel drive version has a protective bodywork around the perimeter of the body, increased ground clearance and massive wheel arches. Overall dimensions: length – 4250 mm, [...]