2017 kia optima sx turbo 0 60

2017-2018 Kia Optima

It is known that the new 2017 Kia Optima will appear in 2018, and the test trials are now. Full-size sedan Kia Optima, also known in the Korean market as K5, two years waiting for a change of generations. And now camouflaged samples are being tested on the roads of Germany. Kia has come a long way since the development of the model of the first presentation of the Optima [...]

2017 kia cadenza for sale

2017-2018 Kia Cadenza

2017 Kia Cadenza is very stylish sedan with nice technical list. Design of the car is nice. You will like strict lines and big headlines of the exterior. You will also like the variety of colors you will get. Interior also looks nice. Leather seats together with well-organized system and big windows make interior look cozy and nice. By the way, sitting capacity is five and seats are very comfortable [...]

2017 kia sedona review

2017-2018 Kia Sedona

2017 Kia Sedona is a stylish and well-looking passenger minivan. The car is also powerful as for the car of its class. Exterior is quite typical. However, this minivan is not so mini, actually. Siting capacity is eight, which means car will be just perfect for big family. Small headlights make minivan look less handsome. Interior seems to be nice. Everything is well-organized. You will find some space for little [...]

dodge avenger 2017

2017-2018 dodge avenger

2017 dodge avenger together with its interesting design becomes more and more popular. Blow hood makes exterior look extraordinary. However, not everyone likes such types of the car. Interior is more ordinary. Big windows here make interior lighter and bigger. Cabinet system is well-organized and has some free space for your little stuff. You will also see here touchscreen with some modern options. Unfortunately, you won’t find here navigation system. [...]

toyota sienna 2017 specs

Toyota Sienna 2017 – 2017 Great Choice, Price and Many Other Benefits for Buyers

Toyota Sienna 2017 are well known as great deal of spending money with value. There is nothing except we can satisfy with the decision that we made for such family car utility. This is Siena 2017 which let eight people to enjoy spend time together inside the car and make little weekend getaway with family members. This is beautiful time an will be fun with complete family member join in [...]

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Vs. 2017 Honda Pilot

2017 – 2017 Honda Pilot Might Get Smoother and Responsive Engine

2017 Honda Pilot hopefully will come soon quarter this year. There are many people have been very enthusiast checking this new model with the presence of SUV technology. Back to the very first introduction in 1990, this car has been accepted as the part of comfort and safety car even for family usage. For now, you can enjoy this car with crossover SUV as 2017 Honda Pilot real good feature [...]

2017 audi s4

2017-2018 Audi S4

Flying towards the gray ribbon of asphalt winds among olive groves and the endless greenery. Mallorca almost no shoulders, and the right to exclude the error meter-high barriers of stone, neatly stacked along the road. What can you do, there are too many on the bright sun spoiled farmland. Now is not the season, so we can slightly neglected care and enjoy plenty of magical temperament 333 horsepower, easily and [...]

2017 Land Rover Defender Challenge side view

Land Rover Defender 2017 – 2017 Includes Stability Control and New Black Pack and Silver Pack Packages

Land Rover Defender 2017 as we know, this new model will bring two different packages in black and also in Silver. The Black one will bring Santoni black detailing to the roof, grille and also headlight surrounds, wheelarches, defender bonnet logo and interior fascia. Further, there are also tinted windows, black headlining help to complete the sinister look get along with choice of gloss black steel. While he silver pack, [...]