2017 – 2017 Audi S3 will be Have Impressive Power and Efficiency

Audi S3 20172017 Audi S3 comes with S tronic and manual six speed transmission. If you use the lower gears, both transmissions will reach its sporty performance. It has tall ratio of the top gear reduce rpm and fuel consumption. The driver can use optional paddles on steering wheel to operate lightning-fast for smooth shifting S tronic in D, S automatic modes and manual. 2017 Audi S3 with Launch Control offers the engine in power to the road without tire slip. This is the something good that you can get from s tronic. While other feature such as dual clutch transmission will affect the fuel-saving system. In addition, there is the standard Quattro permanent AWD will give an extra dynamic and stability when it is traction. On the part of chassis, we can see this part is harmonized extremely well with powerful engine. It will give the car such responsive steering input precisely and spontaneously at high speed and with only little body movement.

2017 Audi S3 brings standard new 2.0 TFSI for high output engine. It is producing 300 hp and 280 pound feet of torque and will consume just 6.9 liter fuel per 100 km. This engine capability also will be supported by uncompromising chassis ans systematic lightweight construction underscore the dynamic character of the four- door model.

2017 audi s3 interior

2017 audi s3 100445000 l

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