2017 kia sedona release date

2017-2018 Kia Sedona

2017 Kia Sedona is a stylish and well-looking passenger minivan. The car is also powerful as for the car of its class. Exterior is quite typical. However, this minivan is not so mini, actually. Siting capacity is eight, which means car will be just perfect for big family. Small headlights make minivan look less handsome. Interior seems to be nice. Everything is well-organized. You will find some space for little [...]

kia cadenza 2017 branco

2017-2018 Kia Cadenza

2017 Kia Cadenza is very stylish sedan with nice technical list. Design of the car is nice. You will like strict lines and big headlines of the exterior. You will also like the variety of colors you will get. Interior also looks nice. Leather seats together with well-organized system and big windows make interior look cozy and nice. By the way, sitting capacity is five and seats are very comfortable [...]

2017 honda pilot redesign pictures

2017-2018 honda pilot

If you are looking for big car for traveling, 2017 honda pilot may interest you. IF you have big family and look for family vehicle, 2017 honda pilot may be appropriate. This 4dr suv looks very massive. And it is, actually, very big. Sitting capacity is eight – three rows of seats, which are, by the way, spacious and comfortable. Though exterior seems aggressive a little, interior is very cozy [...]

2017 honda hr v mpg

2017-2018 honda hr-v

In the summer 2017 you will have the opportunity to buy 2017 honda hr-v. This car promises to have a success. Design of this crossover is just excellent. It looks massive, however, not aggressive. Just perfect exterior for the fans of big cars. The variety of colors let you to choose whatever you want. The most impressive color for this car is grey and red. Interior looks also nice. You [...]

when will the hyundai 2017 equus

2017-2018 hyundai equus

2017 hyundai equus is the car of the premium style. It looks very gorgeous, it feels very luxury and it cost a lot. The price will be around 60.000$-62.000$. Too much say you? Perhaps. However, car is really very stylish and quite powerful. Design seems to be classy and fabulous. Business class, actually. Exterior is quite typical for the car of its level. Very strict and stylish. Interior is also [...]

2017 dodge avenger release date

2017-2018 dodge avenger

2017 dodge avenger together with its interesting design becomes more and more popular. Blow hood makes exterior look extraordinary. However, not everyone likes such types of the car. Interior is more ordinary. Big windows here make interior lighter and bigger. Cabinet system is well-organized and has some free space for your little stuff. You will also see here touchscreen with some modern options. Unfortunately, you won’t find here navigation system. [...]

porsche 2017 porsche macan s compact suv

2017-2018 Porsche Macan

2017 Porsche Macan is very stylish and well-planned suv, which is waiting all around the world. Exterior looks nice. It is quite compact, big headlights make it a little bigger. 2017 Porsche Macan’s interior is gorgeous. Here are two colors combining. The most impressive colors from the variety of them are red and black, which add the classic style to this suv. Cabinet system, made of wood is also well-organized. [...]

2017 jeep grand cherokee srt

2017-2018 jeep grand Cherokee

If you are looking for big impressive car, you may be interested in 2017 jeep grand Cherokee. This car looks very stylish and is very powerful. Besides, the price is normal, as for the car of its class – around 28,000$-30,000$. Both exterior and interior look much more expensive, than it actually is. Exterior looks massive, even aggressive a little. Big headlights look proposal on the big car. Interior seems [...]

jeep renegade color chart 2017

2017-2018 jeep grand renegade

2017 jeep grand renegade is compact jeep, which looks unordinary and interesting. Exterior seems to be unique. There are a lot of jeep’s novelty this year: 2017 jeep grand Cherokee, 2017 jeep wrangler, 2017 jeep grand renegade. However, only the last one is so small and compact. You will like also the price of the car – around 18,000$-22,000$. Car looks more expensive. You will like the design of the [...]

range rover sport 2017 color

2017-2018 Range Rover Sport

If you prefer big course instead of the small one, you may like the 2017 Range Rover Sport. This model looks very stylish and actually is very powerful. Besides, it seems to be modern. 2017 Range Rover Sport exterior looks quite typical as for the car of its class: massive, even a little aggressive, strict lines, big windows, big headlights. But still, it looks nice. Interior is very accurate, everything [...]